How much do Maine Coons Cost?

Our Maine Coons purchased as pets run between $2,150 - $2,650. These prices vary based upon color and bloodline.

Maine Coons for breeding can run between $3,200 - $4,000.

How do I reserve a cat of my choice?

Contact Laura by phone or email to check out availability and fill out our reservation form. You may also schedule an appointment to meet your kitten in person.

Have your cats been tested for Maine Coon known illnesses?

All our Kings and Queens have had a genetic panel run by Optimal Selection. They are also tested for infectious diseases by our licensed veterinarian. All cats go home with a full 1 year health guarantee. We stand behind our strong health guarantee.

When can I bring my cat home?

Kittens can go home with you anywhere between 9-12 weeks of age.

What type of food and litter you recommend?

Odourlook Litter is one of our favorite litters of choice. For food, we really like the following brands: Fancy Feast, Royal Canin, and Tiki Cat.

If you're into adding a raw food diet to your cats menu, we highly suggest products like "Primal". Additional highly nutritious and low ingredient products are also "Open Farms" and "Origin" cat foods.

Where are you located?

Our main location is located out of a suburb in Milwaukee, about an hour from Chicago.

However, in order to ensure proper care and socialization of our kittens, we are branched out into several areas of Wisconsin, including Wisconsin Dells, Madison, Oconomowoc, and Green Bay.

Are you licensed and registered?

We are licensed through "TICA" The International Cat Association, and "WCF" World Cat Federation.

Can I visit my kitten before adopting/purchasing?

Yes, upon scheduling an appointment.

Do you adopt out your retired cats?

We are professional and certified breeders, and as such, we do not "overbreed" our cats. Their quality of life is as important to us as our kittens. They deserve a quality and loving forever home as much, if not even more than our kittens!

When they retire, Yes they are available.

Please check with Laura for availability.

When should I get my Kitten spayed or neutered?

We recommend between 5-6 months. Your registration papers will be given to you after proof of spay or neuter.

Can my deposit be transferred to a different kitten?

Yes. If you reserve a kitten, then later change your mind, you can apply the deposit towards a future kitten.

Deposits are non-refundable.

What about declawing the cat?

We strongly discourage this practice, as it is literally amputating part of their toes. As certified breeders, we do not declaw our cats.

Wisconsin has officially outlawed the practice for good reasons. We recommend you not have your cat declawed. If needed, the best practice is to have your cats nails kept trim. Be certain to never cut their claws too short, as their quick will bleed and this is painful fo for the cat.

Are Maine Coons good with outdoors?

Yes! It's important they get fresh air and plenty of exercise. Maine Coons are known to be great walkers when properly harnessed and some even love the water!

Catios are a very common practice for cat owners who want a safe environment for their cats while enjoying the outdoors.

Are Maine Coons good with other pets?

Yes! They get along with dogs and other types of cats. They are known as the "Gentle Giants" of the cat world!

What health testing do you do?

We do extensive testing on our cats and kittens to ensure their peak physical health and longevity, as well as the peace of mind for our customers.



We stand behind our 1 year health guarantee!

Dynasty Maine Coons is fully licensed and certified by both TICA & WCF



Dynasty Maine Coons is a Certified Maine Coon Breeder under both TICA & WCF.

We strive to set the highest standard of care physically and emotionally for our felines as we prepare them for their forever homes with you.

While we breed and sell our kittens, we do not see them as money... but as members of our family, until they become a forever member of yours.

Dynasty Maine Coons is very transparent, and we are open to answer any question you have about our breeding policies, and how we care for our cats and kittens.

Certified Maine Coon Breeder
We're happy to answer all your questions!!!


Nathan Grey

Dynasty Maine Coons has partnered up with Nathan Grey, owner of "I AM CINEMA" to design and build our new website, as well as take professional photos of all of our cats.

He and his girlfriend Tina are also a proud parents of two of our Kittens, named "Bear" and his sister "Bella". They also foster and socialize several of our Mommas and Kittens at their studio near Wisconsin Dells.

Professional Photography

I love capturing stunning and elite images with you and your fury family members either in the studio, or on location in your home or outdoors!

Custom Catmospheres

We love creating cat trees (using actual trees), shelves, tunnels, pegs, steps, beds, and more... which beautifuly blend your personal living space with catmospheres suited for cats of all types and personalities. We use solid wood and hand craft every detail custom to your home.

Lions, Tigers, Leopards, and more!

Since you love BIG CATS... I've been volunteering at Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue in Rock Springs, WI for over 16 years. Its a non-profit and federally licensed rescue for abused, neglected, and unwanted big cats. I hope you can visit sometime!

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